“Rachel is a real treat.  If you ever have the pleasure to meet and therefore work with her, be sure to accept that there will be change.  It’s a wonderful and very conversational journey but she will challenge everything in order to deliver beyond anybody else’s ‘beyond’…enjoy her and celebrate everything about her.  She’s one of life’s catalysts, delivering positive change and incredible support.” Nathalie Gibbs – Creative Thinker, Tinker  Maker

I have been coach for over 18 years when I first set up my coaching business toBeYou.  But I have an even longer background of working with people.   I was a trained youth worker in my 20’s, was a volunteer in primary schools working with children with special needs for over 10 years, and was a volunteer for Age Concern & the Little Brothers for many years. 

And this experience combines with my corporate background from my roles in advertising and television (the BBC & Carlton) to working as a headhunter first in London for a boutique consultancy with major FMCG clients, then in Dublin where I set up my own consulting firm specialising in start-ups and fast growing high tech and new media/creative firms in the late 90’s. 

I first started training to become a coach in 1999, firstly gaining the NLP Master Practitioner certification alongside being mentored for a year by both a Dublin based behavioural coach with her own successful practice specialising in overcoming anxiety based behaviours, and a London based corporate coach with a background in business process consulting who specialised in culture development.  Both of these coaches helped me hone my existing interest in how people can overcome repetitive negative behaviours, and how businesses can create innovative and engaging cultures where people can develop and thrive. 

And these have remained my twin passions and interests along with training in many other key developmental areas around helping people and companies to become aware of all of their potential, and giving them all the tools, advice and support to ensure they reach it. 

My style is informal and organic – I do not follow a set process.  I am an intuitive coach and rely on my listening skills, experience and innate ability to connect very quickly to people, to help determine what style, pace and approach is best to get to where they need to be.  I am very honest, down-to-earth, open, challenging, and pro-active in my approach, often using humour and personal experiences to illustrate any advice I give and recommendations I make. 

I care passionately about the people and companies I work with – I see it as a true privilege to be able to work closely with people, to have the opportunity to gain their trust and confidences, to learn about them and their goals and issues, and to be an active part of their positive growth and development.