Business Coaching

Business coaching is the most successful & positive way to invest in your culture & ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

Targeted & focused coaching one-to-one or in groups will guarantee your leaders have the skills and approaches needed to drive the business in a way that enhances their own individual, team and company performance. 

Away from the day to day business demands and distractions, you and your colleagues can focus on core areas – Leadership, Strategy & Vision and Team Building.

Leadership – strengthening your leadership values, skills & approach and building new ways of driving your business forward

Strategy & Vision – developing a compelling vision & plan for the future growth of your business

Team Building – ensuring that you & your teams use your combined strengths to give your business the competitive edge needed.

“Rachel has consistently proved an invaluable source of guidance and clarity throughout my time of working with her.  Our coaching sessions have provided a wealth of keen insights and a reassuring voice of experience throughout an extended period of personal and professional growth.

Similarly, the level of detail, coherence and precision with which Rachel approached our recruitment requirements has ensured that we now have a new senior team member who is perfectly placed, and has hit the ground running – thanks to Rachel’s in-depth briefing and follow up check-ins.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Rachel to anybody seeking management coaching or headhunting for recruitment of a senior role.”



“Rachel has worked on a number of key coaching projects to date with Landor focusing on leadership and developing core business skills.  By running individual one-to-one coaching sessions and group workshops, Rachel was able to focus on their goals, explore both business and life issues and provide a range of coaching techniques and models that enabled everyone to work through these, increase confidence levels and successfully developing their individual business and management styles.  Her down to earth, natural style enables her to quickly build rapport and ensure each person gets the most out of every session, particularly as everyone is always stretched for time. Rachel is flexible in her approach and is a joy to work with.  We plan to continue our working relationship with her.”



“Rachel is an exceptional consultant with a unique sensibility.  She is fantastic to work with and has a level of understanding in the creative industry that could well be unmatched.  I recommend her highly.”



“Rachel coached me and my now ex business partner last year through the biggest and most stressful business decision/change I have ever had to make.  Buying a 50% Partner out of the business, and whilst I was pregnant!  Rachel helped to coach us through this and to mediate an agreeable position for both Partners, helping us to work through the highs and lows of the conversations surrounding the new deal.  My experience with Rachel is that she is a great sounding board, remaining neutral, calm and fair minded throughout the whole affair.  She always provided good advice and thought-provoking comments which helped me to get to a place where I was happy personally, and comfortable with the new direction of the business.  She always made time to talk outside of business hours if I needed extra time/advice to work through what seemed a very lonely and dark place.  Thanks to the coaching from Rachel, the business has a new shape, clarity and vigour and a positive future ahead.  Best of all the happiness factor is back!  Onwards and upwards and a big thank you to Rachel for being there throughout and helping us to get there”.



“Rachel is fantastic. She brings a wonderful combination of emotional intelligence and analytical rigour. This allows conversations to flow, whilst never losing site of the bigger picture. I enjoyed our time working together and found the insights and outcomes incredibly useful.”



“Rachel has been a fantastic coach to work with.  Within a few sessions we had focused on the challenges of the next phase of the business and had very clear and exciting actionable plans as a result.  And it worked. The plans have resulted in more of the work we want and a lifestyle balanced with exciting projects.  She is also an awesome woman and fun to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”