“It is clear to see that the coaching sessions have significantly improved all of the chosen employee’s abilities and behaviours, as well as their overall confidence. Rachel’s down to earth, natural style enables her to quickly build rapport with everyone she works with. And her skill and experience at getting people to open up to her and to new ways of working, ensures they get the most out of every session. She is flexible in her approach and is a joy to work with and has made a significant positive contribution to the way that we work together.” Charlotte Morrison – General Manager, Landor

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is the most successful & positive way to invest in your culture & ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

Targeted & focused coaching one-to-one or in groups will guarantee your leaders have the skills and approaches needed to drive the business in a way that enhances their own individual, team and company performance. 

Away from the day to day business demands and distractions, you and your colleagues can focus on core areas – Leadership, Strategy & Vision and Team Building.

Leadership – strengthening your leadership values, skills & approach and building new ways of driving your business forward

Strategy & Vision developing a compelling vision & plan for the future growth of your business

Team Buildingensuring that you & your teams use your combined strengths to give your business the competitive edge needed.

Over the years I have done work with small owner manager agencies to large international firms and every kind of agency in-between!  I have worked across all areas of design from interiors firms to branding agencies, from digital strategy agencies to film making & production companies.

Typical Projects I have worked on in the last few  years:

  • Supporting new Directors to do an MBO from start to finish including and a radical business overhaul to increase profitability, win new types of business & attract new staff (Leading film production company)
  • Creating a strong new vision & developing new commercial skills to change direction of the business and stimulate growth (Small award winning branding agency)
  • Skills, personal impact & vision development as part of a long term multi layered leadership programme (Major international branding agency)
  • Creating a more collaborative & forward looking culture (Leading international architectural & interiors firm)
  • Creating a learning & development culture (Leading branding agency)
  • Conflict resolution & partnership dissolution in order to protect the legacy of the founders and create a new leadership vision (Award winning architectural & interiors firm)
  • Succession planning & sensitively managing the retirement of the original founder to allow the creation of a much more modern agency with a totally different approach & brand (Small award winning retail interiors & branding agency)

“Rachel is an exceptional consultant with a unique sensibility.  She is fantastic to work with and has a level of understanding in the creative industry that could well be unmatched.  I recommend her highly.” Paul West – Strategic Creative Director, Dalziel & Pow

“Rachel has consistently proved an invaluable source of guidance and clarity throughout my time of working with her.  Our coaching sessions have provided a wealth of keen insights and a reassuring voice of experience throughout an extended period of personal and professional growth.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Rachel to anybody seeking management coaching.” Hayley Walsh – Projects Director/Co-Owner, Centre Screen

“Rachel has worked with our organisation as a coach to the Leadership where she has facilitated individual and group development sessions. I found her work with me to be particularly helpful in my transition to Design Partner. Rachel’s ability to balance and tailor my individual needs and aspirations to those of the organisation’s were invaluable. Qualified, equipped, funny, sharp and challenging (in a good way!) Rachel’s approach is always personable and professional.” Enrico Caruso – Director of Design, Interiors, HOK

“Rachel is one of the world’s champions. She balances charismatic intensity with personal charm. Rachel connected the dots to create a truly successful environment for me and I would recommend her without hesitation.” Paul Sutliff – Director, Leonard Design Architects

“Rachel is fantastic. She brings a wonderful combination of emotional intelligence and analytical rigour. This allows conversations to flow, whilst never losing site of the bigger picture. I enjoyed our time working together and found the insights and outcomes incredibly useful.” Roger Whittlesea – Partner, Proud Creative

“Rachel coached us though a transition period in the business. Her dedication, optimism, market knowledge and clear thinking were invaluable. She has helped set us on a road to growth with straightforward plans to achieve individual and team goals. Her focus on transparency and communication continues to enhance our business performance.” Grant Kanik – Partner, Foster + Partners

“By tapping into our culture, corporate goals and the unique strengths of our individuals, Rachel has been instrumental in helping us exceed all our expectations in terms of realising our potential and developing a more competitive edge.” James Dix – Commercial Director The Team & Seymour Powell

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rachel as a coach and advisor and personal mentor.  Her approach instantly puts you at ease and allows her to determine the heart of an issue (rather than what you think it may be!).  Her advice has proved invaluable in helping establish new behaviours and ways of working in a more focused and efficient way, all resulting in more personal and professional fulfilment!”  Michael Fern – Director, EDGE Design