“To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities.” Bruce Lee

Coaching creates new opportunities to discover new things about yourself, new ways of thinking and interacting with the people around you and the world as a whole.  it grants you the gift of insight & understanding when before there was confusion & stress.  It stops you from doing knee-jerk reactions to everything around you and gives you the chance to step back, and figure out the best way to respond, and the best way to go forward.

At it’s very best, coaching gives you back to yourself – it peels away the layers of images and false fronts we all construct in order to survive in a stressful world.  And it means you can start to hear your own voice over the sound of other people’s fear & stress & negativity.

It gives you both the permission and the tools to face the world again as your true self and to move forward with less effort, less compromise.  But it also gives you the techniques to ensure you never feel too vulnerable when you are once again back in your own skin – instead it makes sure you always feel comfortable there.

“Rachel is one of the world’s champions. She balances charismatic intensity with personal charm. Rachel connected the dots to create a truly successful environment for me and I would recommend her without hesitation”.