“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” Henry Miller

Coaching is a catalyst for change on all levels.  When a company engages me to work with them my focus is immediately on shining an intense light to explore what are the true skills & talents, problems & issues, and behaviours & approaches that are all combining to make a a culture pull together or pull apart.  

Once I know this, I can start working in partnership with my client to repair where there are tensions and tears in the culture, to reinvigorate a team who may feel burnt out or who have lost their vision or way, to illicit better communication & the learning of new approaches and new skills to be more productive or more creative, and to bring everyone together in a way that gives everyone a sense of purpose and a plan to work to.


“Rachel is a real treat.  If you ever have the pleasure to meet and therefore work with her, be sure to accept that there will be change.  It’s a wonderful and very conversational journey but she will challenge everything in order to deliver beyond anybody else’s ‘beyond’…enjoy her and celebrate everything about her.  She’s one of life’s catalysts, delivering positive change and incredible support.”