“I am extremely pleased with my decision to go to Rachel for coaching and would have no hesitation in highly recommending her to any individual or company that is in need of a first-class coaching service. I am now enjoying the fruits of Rachel’s work, and feeling a level of happiness that eluded me for many years.  The ideas and techniques that I worked on with Rachel have helped me make significant changes and I will continue to use them daily from now on to improve my quality of life. Rachel’s support goes beyond the sessions we had and I feel secure in the knowledge that she genuinely cares about what she does and the clients that she represents. Brilliant, just brilliant!” Mark Wand

What is Individual Coaching?

Individual or 1-to-1 coaching is the best way of giving yourself the time and space to work on old issues that keep hi-jacking your life.  Targeted & personalized sessions ensure you get rid of negative habits & fears, and will give you the support you need to shine a light on your life choices – your relationships, your health, and how you see & feel about yourself – and fine tune them to help you get the best out of your day to day life.

People typically come to me for coaching when they have experienced a major life change or crisis, or they want to make a complete change but don’t know how to begin, or when they have hit a wall and are struggling to deal with their day to day life.  

My coaching tends to focus on the following:

  • Stress management (including managing anxiety & panic attacks) – understanding your own personal triggers and how to turn them off. Focusing on the underlying causes of your stress and breaking each one of them down so that you can effectively deal with each of them so they do not ever recur.
  • Self-confidence & self-image – building your confidence, learning how to stop self-sabotaging your confidence, learning how to boost your confidence quickly and easily.  Developing a much more positive self-image, learning how to like & support yourself and how to look after yourself better.
  • Negative habits & phobias – understanding what is driving these limiting and/or destructive behaviours – and quickly blocking them so that they are completely eliminated.
  • Dealing with life change (divorce, bereavement, redundancy, illness, loss) – understanding where you are at in your life and understanding how you got there, taking more control where you can to reshape your life to better suit you, and accepting areas where you cannot control what happens – but instead – seeing this as a learning opportunity.  Letting go of the past, learning how to grieve for the loss of something or someone you cared about in a way that is natural and genuine but not all consuming.  Coming up with a vision and a plan for a new way forward for your life that has meaning & fills you with hope & excitement for your future and what you can achieve.

“Working with Rachel is both useful and a real pleasure. She has an uncanny knack for zooming into the heart of an issue and is not shy of challenging you to unpick unhelpful thinking patterns. Yet she does this with a rare combination of warmth and humour, alongside no small amount of expertise. As a result, Rachel helped me move quickly from a point of frustration and apprehension to a place where I now have a clear goal, and a path to get there. With her guidance, I was able to re-write some of my negative internal narratives and also look at the world through new eyes. And instead of feeling stuck, I’m now excited about the next chapter of my life.” Sharon Powell

“I can thoroughly recommend Rachel as an excellent coach. I worked with her for several months to work through a very difficult family bereavement challenge I needed to deal with and found her to be extremely professional, very perceptive, as well as being empathetic to the problems I’d asked for her help with. She is definitely an expert in her field, someone who is able to quickly get to the root of a problem and who can also suggest solutions based on real-life experiences, rather than having a ‘text-book’ type approach. I can’t recommend her highly enough should you, or someone you know, be looking for help to overcome one of the many hurdles that we all have to overcome at various times of our lives, where coaching would make a real difference.”  Phil Horrod

 “I would like to highly recommend Rachel to anyone going through a family crisis. 

I contacted her recently after a very turbulent time with my older teenage daughter who had moved back home to work locally after university.  Things were very strained and the atmosphere in the house was almost unbearable.  My daughter was saying she wanted to leave home and not come back again.  I knew I didn’t want her to leave on such bad terms with myself and my husband, but I didn’t know what to do as every time I tried to talk to her she would just fly off the handle or not talk at all. 

I was so worried about her – she seemed so unhappy and stressed and I was really worried about losing contact with her altogether . 

It all felt pretty hopeless and I couldn’t see how anyone could help us.  But after the first conversation with Rachel I felt much calmer and reassured that she could help both me and my daughter. I wasn’t sure how or what that would entail but I felt I could trust Rachel to guide us through whatever process she thought was right. 

She started by talking to me and my daughter separately.  We had weekly sessions.  And after the first couple of sessions my daughter seemed much calmer and happier and we both started being able to talk normally with each other again.  After a few more separate sessions, Rachel then organised for us to have a session together with her. And that is the session that really turned the whole situation around.  My daughter was very emotional during the session, we both were, there were a lot of tears and we talked about a lot of old issues and problems from the past.  She was still very angry and upset about a lot of things and it felt like we were not going to be able get past it all.  I admit I did feel quite worried. 

But Rachel handled us and the situation perfectly.  She was the perfect mediator between us, fair to both of us but making sure we got everything we needed to say off our chests.  At the end of it we were just hugging and smiling.   We both felt exhausted but it definitely felt like a weight had been lifted.  Everything felt so much better.  And that evening my daughter gave my husband, her stepfather the first proper hug and had the first proper conversation with him in about 10 years.  Since then we have all grown so much closer. 

Rachel kept in touch with us in between the last few follow up sessions to make sure we did our homework such as sitting down to eat together, talking openly, being more thoughtful to each other.  My daughter has now moved to London and got a brilliant new job.  And she comes home at least once a fortnight for the weekend and I have been to see her regularly to do nice stuff together which we haven’t done in years.  The difference Rachel has made to our lives is hard to put into words. It is like I have got my lovely girl back and we have all been given a second chance.”  Laura Bryant

The coaching I have done with Rachel has been at just the right level of challenge and has left me with a much better understanding of myself, my motivations and my blocks – making it so meaningful!  Rachel offers just the right balance of support and really knows how to ‘uncover’ underlying issues that need addressing, whether they be personal or from an experience. Coaching I have had with other coaches in the past, has always left me wondering that something has been missed; with Rachel I have complete confidence that I am dealing with any matters in the exact manner that will enable me to grow.  I could not feel ‘in safer hands’.  Rachel has an amazing insight and such an intuitive way of working with people!” Lisa Clark

“I decided to try coaching to get some help with & manage my wasp and bee phobia which I’d had for many years – and which had been getting steadily worse.  It was stopping me from going outside and feeling comfortable about my children being outside.From the very first session with Rachel, it became more and more obvious that my real issues weren’t with either wasps or bees, but with my need for control.  As soon as Rachel identified this through her insightful questions, I felt an instant recognition that she was correct and a sense of relief that I could work with her to lessen my anxiety about being less controlled and more spontaneous.The coaching didn’t meet my initial goals and expectations because I was focussing on the wrong issue!  Instead of letting me steer her down the wrong path, Rachel very quickly identified that (a) I didn’t have a true phobia and (b) that the phobia symptoms were merely an outlet for unresolved issues surrounding my need for control.Once I was able to see and accept that this was right – the coaching was entirely focussed on how to resolve this issue.I found it very easy to be open and honest in the sessions – Rachel very quickly felt like a trusted confidante.  I really liked the anonymity of doing the coaching by phone and not doing face to face sessions which helped me to be less guarded and to not try to second guess Rachel’s reactions to what I was saying.  I’m normally extremely reserved, especially around some of the issues I grew up with, so being completely open with a stranger was an alien concept to me.  But Rachel’s reassuring manner, together with her kind but probing questioning and her ability to make me feel instantly at ease, managed to break down my barriers very quickly.  I didn’t once feel she’d pushed me too far, but at the same time, she made sure that each week I was able to challenge myself and move forward a little bit more.It was a massive relief to talk to someone so completely empathetic who allowed me the time and space to vent about issues that I didn’t even realise I was clinging on to so tightly!  That in itself made the whole experience worthwhile.And the bonus is that it’s given me a greater understanding of myself, together with the tools I need to make sure that I can continue to address the areas that led to me considering coaching.It’s going to be an ongoing process but the initial progress has helped me so much that family and friends have noticed the change in me.  I feel lighter, smile more readily and am much more likely to say “yes!” to invitations now – or even instigate them myself.I’ve also ventured out into the garden quite a few times now, and even calmly helped a wasp out of the window!  And yesterday I spent all afternoon outside, surrounded by sticky children eating a picnic, and didn’t run for cover once!I’m incredibly grateful for the support, guidance, encouragement and reassurance that Rachel has provided from the very outset.  It’s been an absolute pleasure to talk with her each week and I’ve gone from being pretty sceptical about coaching to being a complete convert!” Gina Smith

“Rachel helped me in a number of ways when we worked together:  Initially Rachel helped me to gain more confidence, understand my true potential and to see myself in a different and more positive light, through face to face meetings and follow up phone conversations, and emails of things for me to work on. Over a period of 3 – 6 months I really started to see and feel the difference, this not only helped me to progress professionally but also in my personal life.Over the previous 6 months before I worked with Rachel I had been through a period of major anxiety and stress.  It was a really scary time and thanks to Rachel’s help I quickly began to see the light at the other side.Rachel has always been very professional, friendly, warm and supportive. She is always there to talk to 24/7, and gives reassuring, constant support. Her coaching made me feel much more positive, and allowed me to understand and overcome my difficulties.Rachel has a combination of experience, knowledge, warmth and she really cares. I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a life or business coach to work with Rachel as she will really make a difference”. Christine Sellwood

“My time working with Rachel was hugely valuable as well as enjoyable. She has an amazing ability to quickly get a grasp of issues, situations and people, and draws from a wealth of first-hand experience to provide examples to bring her advice to life.  She really helped me to clearly understand my strengths and to articulate them in simple, human language.  This has given me a lot more confidence in the direction my career is taking and some inspiration around other possibilities.” Adam Cochrane

“When I went to see Rachel I wasn’t really expecting her to be able to help me but I was so desperate that I thought I had nothing to lose.  I’d suffered from extreme vertigo for over 3 years since the birth of my daughter and it had got so bad that I had to give up work.  I’d tried hypnotherapy and counselling and a range of beta blockers and anti-anxiety medicines. Nothing had worked – in fact my vertigo was just getting worse.Rachel used a mix of talking and visualization techniques.  By the end of the first session I understood why the vertigo had started and why it seemed to be getting worse.  That alone made me feel less out of control.  By the end of the second session we had worked on visualizations that dramatically reduced the vertigo.  After a few more sessions I actually felt that I had almost got rid of it.  But it was a few weeks later when I was on holiday with my parents in Portugal and I drove over one of the largest flyovers in Europe that I realized that I had totally conquered it.  I sent a text to Rachel as soon as I got out of the car to let her know!  And the weird and amazing thing was – Rachel had actually managed to change the fear into excitement – I now really enjoy driving over flyovers and high bridges and love flying again – much to the relief of my husband who loves going abroad!  The coaching with Rachel gave me control over my life again and has taught me you can turn the most negative thing into something positive.  Words cannot express how much that has meant to me and my family.” Caroline Morton

“I would say that the coaching with Rachel has provided me with a greater awareness and understanding of myself, my issues and my needs.  The coaching delivery was excellent.  We focused predominantly on my levels of confidence and self-belief – and working with Rachel totally restored this! For this alone the whole process was immeasurably valuable.  Since the coaching I have felt more at one with myself and am now able to confidently deal with any difficult issues as they arise.” Kevin McKenzie

“Recently I was in a tricky, urgent business situation and was looking for someone to help me to find my way through it.

Rachel was recommended to me so I decided to email her, although I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about whether she would be able to help me.

To my surprise Rachel was truly interested to understand my situation in more detail. She won me over completely by asking the right questions, listening and directing my attention at areas that were sort of forgotten strengths of mine. Most importantly she created an atmosphere of trust and respect. I had few sessions with Rachel and I feel much more confident and grounded as a result.  I feel I can face new challenges on my professional path – I’m ready for it! 

What has been also of a great value to me in working with Rachel is that she has a very individual approach. My situation was a bit quite complex. But by asking the right /specific questions Rachel has not only helped me to see things from a completely different perspective but also to create more distance and a positive prism. And don’t get me wrong- she wasn’t comforting me but rather challenging, but in a very subtle and positive way so that I could conclude on things myself.  So if you go through a challenging time at work or in your personal life, I’m absolutely certain Rachel would be able to guide you how to best navigate through it and to help you to become a better you! “  Margo Kelsey

“I would highly recommend Rachel!  She is a fantastic coach who has supported me in returning to work after being off for 2 years, after having twins.  This has resulted in me getting a great role, aligned to my needs and requirements, rather than jumping at the first thing that came my way. Rachel’s focus for me has been around building confidence, after developing a thorough understanding of my personal experience and ideals.  Rachel is entirely professional, empathetic and objective in her approach and initially assessed my situation on a very personal level . She is a great listener and networker and her advice and guidance have nudged me into understanding what I really want from work at this stage of life, having a background in solely corporate roles. She has encouraged me to identify and adhere to my ideals.  She advised how to really make my Linkedin profile relevant and also helped me by critiquing and honing my CV – which I haven’t had to touch for over 10 years. 

She continues to be a great support and I would thoroughly recommend her for anyone who is thinking about getting back to work, looking for a new role or considering a complete career change.” Jill Mills