The Story of You

Every human is an artist.  And this is the main art that we have: the creation of our story.” Don Miguel Ruiz

The Story of You is a radically different approach to coaching that I have developed over the years in response to the individuals and companies I coach.

Most coaching is focused on resolving an issue or crisis, on looking at making a change in the present or immediate future, and how to get there as quickly as possible.

This is a very successful approach to help people resolve a problem.  But when an individual or company wants to make a more radical and wider reaching change then the coaching needs to work at a much deeper and more nuanced level.

Individuals and companies can get very lost and disconnected from their main purpose – from where they are coming from and where they are trying to get to.

The Story of You is a profound and experiential way of working with a person or a team or company culture – to help them find themselves again by focusing on finding meaning and purpose – bringing back colour and vibrancy and connection into thoughts and behaviours and actions.

From darkness and confusion comes clarity and understanding.

If an individual or company has become disconnected from themselves – they lose all sense of what they are doing and why.  The past becomes murky and the future seems inaccessible.  Before they can move themselves forward and out of this confusion, they first need to be reconnected to what they truly love and care about, and to the things they have done, seen and experienced that makes them who they are and makes them unique and gives them purpose.

The Story of You helps them regain a sense of place and continuity – of inheritance and of enduring legacy, and to draw up a very personalised map of their past and a guide to their future.

Through a series of completely personalised experiential sessions and workshops individuals or teams can explore their unique story – where they come from, the events that have made them who they are, their trials and tribulations, their successes and failures, their loves and passions, their ticks and quirks, their hopes and goals, what drives and repels them, their dark and light sides, and what makes them who they are and drives what they do.

This is a unique and wonderful journey.  This is The Story of You.

The Story of You – Programme for Individuals

Stimulating, thought provoking & creative sessions and workshops to:

  • Bring you back to yourself, give you the breathing space you need to hear your own voice, thoughts and feelings – and get a new perspective on people and events in your past that may have caused you pain or held you back, understand and take control of the narrative you tell yourself so that it genuinely reflects you in a positive and supports way.
  • Help you to see and understand the key themes in your life so far – negative ones that have held you back and positive ones that reflect your true nature and values.
  • Stimulate you to think more creatively in order to develop your own personal narrative which will help you to understand yourself at a very deep level and find meaningful acceptance of your behaviours, your actions and your beliefs.
  • Weave together all the important events of your life so that you have a coherent and compelling story which gives you meaning and purpose, as well as giving you a real time and responsive guide so that you never lose your footing, your way or yourself ever again.

The Story of You – Programme for Leaders/Teams

Stimulating, thought provoking & creative sessions and workshops to:

  • Get everyone back on track with what they are truly meant to be doing within their roles/teams/company – and ensure that everyone develops a deeper understanding of themselves and the people they work with and so that they then have unbreakable bonds and support networks.
  • Help everyone get in touch with and identify the true purpose of the business so that they can create a genuinely unique and inspiring culture – not just pulling together a series of buzzwords that are meant to reflect the “values” of the company – but working at a deeper and more real level to understand what truly motivates and engages everyone, what makes new people want to join them, what makes clients want to work with them and what makes the company succeed.
  • Stimulate everyone to think more creatively in order to develop the integral themes which will act as a strongly unifying and inspiring structure for the team and business as a whole.  These in turn will make client relationships stronger and longer lasting as they are genuinely based on trust and shared experiences.
  • Create honest and meaningful narratives to guide everyone and the business in all future endeavours, and act as a constant and relevant touchstone as the company grows and changes, as people leave and join, and as the market pushes and pulls.

“Rachel does not give a ‘quick fix’ for people but instead inspires a gradual and progressive change in people’s thinking and behaviour.  Her ability lies in gaining trust, and being tenacious in eliciting responses through creative and intuitive dialogue and storytelling.  She then uses those responses to challenge preconceived ideas, and once those have been cleared, the person can truly start to change and grow.  In simple terms I suppose she ‘brings people back to themselves’ and opens their eyes to a different and more meaningful way to live their lives.”