“I have worked with Rachel for over 15 years. We first met when she was hired by Gensler to coach the Principals and the Senior Associates in the firm. And we have continued to work together after I left Gensler. Rachel has an uncanny way of finding the key strengths and maybe more importantly weaknesses in individuals and organizations. With that insight, she is able to open new opportunities and awareness of the impact we have on our colleagues and clients. She is an intuitive coach, knows when to challenge and when to empathize, knows when to ask a question and knows when to listen. She is also a talented head-hunter with an enviable network. She is an expert in the design field and her inside knowledge and contacts are invaluable to a business who is wishing to grow and develop. I highly recommend Rachel to any firm who wants to hire key talent, wants to make specific changes to their culture and way of working, or wants to strengthen their leadership team. She is a pleasure to work with, always professional and positive and always ready to give advice and support”. Gary Wheeler, Global Director of Interior Design & Workplace Strategy – HDR

I have been advising fast growing and dynamic design and technology firms for many years – helping them develop core strategies around leadership, performance, culture and growth. 

I have worked with start-ups that have gone on to be multi million pound businesses, medium sized businesses that have gone on to become international, award winning names, and global firms that have exponentially increased in size and radically enhanced their offering/reach. 

I coach companies to tap into their talent, skills and potential and use these to grow in a sustainable way, develop & maintain healthy collaborative cultures, respect & support their staff, build long lasting trust-centred relationships with their clients, and to be flexible, open to change, learning and improvement. 

I help leaders to strengthen their expertise & empathy to have greater positive impact on their teams and the business as a whole. 

I help business founders and partners to strengthen their vision and strategy for growth and/or change. And I coach them to ensure they always have the right approach, focus and range of skills. 

I give guidance & support when partner or team relations are strained to ensure they get back on track, and I develop solutions to move those involved forward to safeguard the future success of the individuals and the business. 

I also help identify new senior talent to grow or bolster the existing leadership/specialist teams.

I help teams work together in a more open-minded, dynamic, collaborative way which allows them to make more of each other’s strengths and support each other’s mental & emotional health and wellbeing. 

I help companies develop strong and resilient cultures which are driven by core values and skills but are always flexible enough to look to the future and develop new values and skills to stay ahead of the curve and remain innovative and relevant.